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Mono Project The Mono guys got their software to run on Nokia's upcoming 770 Linux internet appliance. More here and a screenshot here.
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RE[5]: MONO license issue
by Anonymous on Wed 21st Sep 2005 03:22 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: MONO license issue"
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So far not one person, including you, has rebutted the main point which is that MS still retains the right to charge a RAND fee or require licensing, both of which would kill gnome if mono were widely adopted.


And what in gods name are you talking about when you say "EVERY" OS? *THAT* is FUD my friend. Explain to me how every single OS is *knowingly* using IP of other companies who still legally retain the right to charge a fee! If one such line of code were found anywhere in the linux kernel it would be removed immediately.

It is funny how all you defenders of mono just say the same crap:

1. this debate is boring
2. you guys hate MS
3. you are spreading fud

But no one, ever, explains why people worried about mono are wrong. That is really really annoying. If you are so right, and this is just FUD, then please explain to me why it is that I should not worry?


I've issued this challenge to people like you many times and no one has ever ever replied. Do you know why? Because you are wrong and you are incapable of logically defending the indefensible position that mono is safe. It simply is not. Everyone is beginning to see that, even you or else you would post more than FUD in response to well reasoned and intelligent concerns about mono's legal status.

Miguel? Just answer everyone's questions for god's sake!

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