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Windows Several reviews of the Windows 7 beta popping up. El Reg concludes: "All told, this will likely be a strong release, as it needs to be after the Windows Vista experience, just do not expect miracles. This is Windows Vista with a new face, not a major new version of Windows." Ars reviewed the beta as well, and concludes: "All in all, Windows 7 is shaping up well. It's a far more modest release than Vista was, but it's no worse for that. The new OS introduces a compelling combination of welcome innovations and much-needed polish, and that's exactly what Microsoft needs right now. Vista's foundation was solid, and Windows 7 just makes it better."
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At the moment, I've got about 40-50 program icons in the quick launch toolbar. I DON'T want these in my taskbar!

So you have a set of icons in the quicklaunch and, additionally, tasks in the task band, together occupying a lot of space. In Win7, there'll just be the icons - isn't that a good thing?

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