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KDE When KDE 4.0 was first released, it was met with quite some criticism. Even though people saw the huge potential, the lack of functionality and stability, as well as quite a few bugs detracted from the experience. The KDE developers continued to work on implementing their relatively radical vision, and with the release of KDE 4.2 creeping ever closer, it seems they're well on their way.
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RE: A Gnome-to-KDE switcher
by pixel8r on Wed 14th Jan 2009 03:25 UTC in reply to "A Gnome-to-KDE switcher"
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I just switched from Gnome to KDE 4.1. I'm not sure where the howls of "It's not ready!" are coming from, because KDE 4 is pretty nice already. There are a handful of incongruities (no disc burning from the desktop, no drag and drop between tabs in Dolphin) but otherwise it's very stable, very usable, and very beautiful. I can't wait for 4.2.

Welcome to linux ;)

For lots of people (myself included) - every release of their favourite distro is keenly downloaded and installed and then once they get used to the new features, eagerly look forward to the next release and what it will bring. Some of us have been running kde 4.2 for months now, and welcoming the increases in features and most importantly stability.

Some may think this is a bad thing (always looking forward to the next big release), and maybe it is - but ask yourself how long ago it was that people did the same with windows. I used to be excited about win98, then win2k, then curious about xp, and now its just boring. windows releases dont seem to feature the same ground-breaking core improvements that linux releases do. Maybe its because linux isn't quite ready for the masses yet? i dunno - it works for me ;)

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