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Apple While we're on the subject of netbooks today, I ran across a story by Ars Technica's Erica Sadun, who writes for Ars' Infinite Loop (Apple) section. She poses that Apple already sells a netbook: the iPod Touch and the iPhone. I've heard many people make this claim before (including Steve Jobs himself), but I find it very hard to see the iPod Touch and the iPhone as netbooks.
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Silly article.
by NathanHill on Wed 14th Jan 2009 03:51 UTC
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I think the iPod Touch can be considered a netbook - I certainly use it that way myself. Heck, I don't even need to take a laptop with me on trips - just bring my iPod Touch, and I can stay in contact with folks, pass the time with fun games, listen to music, type to-do lists, view all sorts of files, jot down notes, watch movies, thumb through photos, check email, surf the web, add events to my calendar, etc, etc... It's a fun device and better designed than any netbook I've come across at this point.

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