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Hardware, Embedded Systems At the end of 2008, the OSNews team made a short list of the tech-related things they would like to see in 2009. On my list was the hope that we'd see more competition in the netbook market, which is now dominated by Intel's Atom platform, resulting in manufacturers all releasing essentially the same machine, but with a different badge and case colour. Where are Intel's competitors? We know AMD is on its way, we know that the Chinese are producing some noteworthy chips, and that the ARM chip is jumping up and down screaming for attention - but where is Via's Nano platform? Shouldn't it be here already?
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RE: Interesting year for netbooks
by rjamorim on Wed 14th Jan 2009 09:31 UTC in reply to "Interesting year for netbooks"
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The Chinese has released their Loongson/Godson netbook on the 8 Jan 09. I am not sure if their chip runs x86 code or not.

The Loongson runs the MIPS architecture natively, but the Loongson 3 adds new instructions that accelerate x86 instruction translation.

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