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Apple While we're on the subject of netbooks today, I ran across a story by Ars Technica's Erica Sadun, who writes for Ars' Infinite Loop (Apple) section. She poses that Apple already sells a netbook: the iPod Touch and the iPhone. I've heard many people make this claim before (including Steve Jobs himself), but I find it very hard to see the iPod Touch and the iPhone as netbooks.
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RE[2]: Whatever works for you
by shadow_x99 on Thu 15th Jan 2009 00:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Whatever works for you"
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Sorry if I misled you... I was refering to the fact that it is a bit hard to write some complex text with an iPhone/iPod despite what Apple may want to make you believe.

In that regard, you need a Laptop (I'd like to say that a Netbook IS a laptop for me... Just an underpowered one)

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