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Qt After Nokia purchsed Trolltech last year, doubts arose about how Nokia would handle the dual licensing model of Qt, the advanced cross-platform toolkit which lies at the base of the KDE Free software desktop. As it turns out, these doubts were unfounded, as Nokia today announced it's going to add the LGPL to Qt's licensing model, starting with Qt 4.5.
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RE[6]: Fantastic!
by pixel8r on Thu 15th Jan 2009 02:40 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Fantastic!"
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"Stallman has only advocated free as in "Freedom" not free as in "No money"!

Really? I can do what I like with code under the GPL? i don't have to make derived source code available? This is surely news to me!

Actually you CAN. you can do what you like to any GPL licensed code and even keep the changes to yourself - so long as you do not DISTRIBUTE it. The GPL only applies to distribution, not to how you yourself use the licensed work.

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