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Apple It appears that Apple is not just going after Psystar when it comes to running Mac OS X on non-Apple branded computers. Wired's gadget blog was running a story, accompanied by a video, demonstrating how to install Mac OS X on a non-Apple netbook. After Apple contacted Wired, the website took down the video.
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Comment by Bernhard
by Bernhard on Thu 15th Jan 2009 10:30 UTC
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In the first contract, you bought a copy of the software. Not a box, not a CD, a copy of the software. You have the right to resell this, repackage this, break it up (the software) into components and resell them piecemeal. To do this you will not have to enter into the EULA.

The second contract is the the EULA which you enter into when you click through. Its independent of the sales contract. This may or may not be binding, in particular, the clause which forbids you to install on non-Apple hardware may or may not be finding. This also may or may not be a license.

But the sale by which you acquired your copy was a sale, it was not a license. Read Softman.

Do you think Apple's lawyers are too stupid to make their License bulletproof? This is, again, covered in the EULA as "You own the media on which the Apple Software is recorded but Apple and/or Apple's licensor(s) retain ownership of the Apple Software itself." By installing OSX on whatever machine, you have to agree to that license. There is no way around it as long as the license is not invalidated by law.

Why would it be the death of Macs? Macs would be as competitive as they are now. The hardware would still be exquisitely selected, far better quality than the average beige box, and perfectly integrated with the OS, which is something no migrating of what in effect would be a Porsche engine into an old Lada could possibly achieve.

Oh, please! Apple hardware is EXACTLY the same as in the beige box. They use Intel CPUs, nvidia chipsets, ATI graphics cards, just to name a few. Wired and Psystar would not have been able to run OSX on non-Apple hardware if it were any different.

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