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Apple It appears that Apple is not just going after Psystar when it comes to running Mac OS X on non-Apple branded computers. Wired's gadget blog was running a story, accompanied by a video, demonstrating how to install Mac OS X on a non-Apple netbook. After Apple contacted Wired, the website took down the video.
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You need to reread Softman, carefully. You buy a copy, and until you install, you have not entered into a license.

Yeah, but they DID install, so they DID enter into a license, thus they ARE bound to its terms which in return means that they DID breach it by installing the OS to non-Apple hardware.

And unless a judge rules that Apple can't limit their software to using it on only their hardware, Wired has not only breached the license but also openly admitted to doing so by posting that article.

WGA limits your choice of hardware vendors? Since when?

No it doesn't. But it is a limitation to what you can do with the software you bought. Or licensed.

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