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Apple It appears that Apple is not just going after Psystar when it comes to running Mac OS X on non-Apple branded computers. Wired's gadget blog was running a story, accompanied by a video, demonstrating how to install Mac OS X on a non-Apple netbook. After Apple contacted Wired, the website took down the video.
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Wired are not allowing or facilitating others to do so.

Wired is a publication, it is reporting and demonstrating how easily it may be done. Educators, artists and reporters have many immunities and dispensations which allow them to function in the public interest and ignore laws.

In education this is called academic freedom, it allows for normal copyright law to be ignored, taboo subjects to be broached and our curiousity to be indulged.

Artists have artistic license, in which they distort, hide or fabricate facts for emotional or dramatic effect.

Reporters/bloggers work under something called 'freedom of the press'. If you remove that, as apple is doing; then you loose diversity of opinion or ideas and hence progress.

"Just shows how crooked Apple is.", greedy too.

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