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In the News There's a story making its rounds across the 'net about a woman who missed several online classes, and failed her semester, and she claims this happened because she bought a Dell laptop with Ubuntu on it - instead of Windows. She didn't know what Ubuntu was, and was surprised to see that her Windows software, such as Microsoft Office, didn't work. While this isolated case sounds a bit ridiculous, there is still a bigger problem here.
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My experience
by Angel Blue01 on Fri 16th Jan 2009 00:06 UTC
Angel Blue01
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My university was an all Microsoft shop. Well, there was a lab with VMware running on WinXP for the UNIX class. And the introductory programming classes are taught in Java. But other than that, just about everything in the computer science program and the IT department is from MS.

I was the sole Linux user my senior year, when I switched, although I saw more and more Mac users. Whenever I mentioned a non-Microsoft alternative (except for Firefox, which was very popular among students), classmates or professors would say the "But don't you have problems working with software?" line we all hear at some point. I just laughed whenever news came out of a malware patch that meant bringing some or other parts of the network down.

I switched to OOo in 2005 and had no trouble, except of course that OOo has limited support for MS Access, it can read tables and create queries but no reports or forms.

I guess the funniest situation was when one of my classmates, a computer information systems major who was going back to school after decades in the business world, had never heard of UNIX!

So knowledge of alternatives isn't as widespread as we'd like to believe, and there's a lot of FUD about it, but we knew that ;-)

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