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Legal And so the court case between Apple and clone-maker Psystar continues. Claims are being thrown back and forth between the two companies, ranging from Apple invoking the DMCA, to Psystar claiming Apple's Mac OS X copyright is invalid. We can add a new one to the list. Court documents reveal that Psystar claims it has bought its copies of Mac OS X fair and square - including some directly from Apple.
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Comment by Bernhard
by Bernhard on Fri 16th Jan 2009 10:03 UTC
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1. I'm not a Mac fanboy. I don't own a Mac, and i never have.

2. If the case were so clear as you state, why are we even seeing something like Apple vs. Psystar?

3. From the POV of software vendors, including but not limited to Apple, software IS NOT (i repeat: is not) sold. It's licensed. And since the customer didn't buy it, fair use doesn't apply. The license applies instead.

I'm not saying that this POV is correct. In fact, i never have and i apologize if i gave you that impression. But you and i have neither the competence nor the authority to to say it is or is not. That is to be ruled by a judge.

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