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Apple It appears that Apple is not just going after Psystar when it comes to running Mac OS X on non-Apple branded computers. Wired's gadget blog was running a story, accompanied by a video, demonstrating how to install Mac OS X on a non-Apple netbook. After Apple contacted Wired, the website took down the video.
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RE[2]: Comment by drcoldfoot
by Quag7 on Fri 16th Jan 2009 17:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by drcoldfoot"
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Attacking Wired for this will probably do further damage to Apple's already declining warm fuzzy image.

Hackintosh instructions are out there. A guy in my LUG recently built one and loves it (to the point where he's ditched Linux and declared it all but dead as a major desktop player).

Nothing Apple can do can stop Hackintoshes.

Nothing any software manufacturer can do can stop "piracy."

Nothing the movie studios do can stop "piracy" of their movies.

Nothing the record companies do can stop "piracy" of music.

It is imply not possible to control bits, bytes, analog, or print data.

(Sorry, know this is obvious to most of you but at this point, it's a law of online physics companies really need to accept and adapt to).

Nor do I think Apple has much to fear from the proverbial Hackintosh as people who buy Macs will typically buy more Macs.

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