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Features, Office Yesterday we ran a story on how educational institutions defaulting to Microsoft Office may stifle some people who do not own a copy of Office or Windows. A Forrester Research report now states the bloody obvious by claiming that organisations stick with Microsoft Word not out of necessity, but out of habit.
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You mean like an rfi/rfq/rfp process? I may or may not have worked on a bid preposal.

Do they specify Word 2007 .docx format or just Word.. say.. the almost universal 2003 file format? Also, why would they want it in a Word document in the first place. How about using the converters that save X format as Word2007 files?

Convincing my government to require open file formats probably wouldn't help you much unless your up here with us other northerners.

Requirements of the bid are a real fact of business though. The only bit I'm stuck on is the idea that bids are required in .docx format when the objective is only to be able to open or scan them in through a Word sesson on the receptionists workstation.

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