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Internet Explorer After successfully battling Microsoft over the company's bundling of Windows Media Player, the European Union is now ready for more. The European Commission has charged Microsoft with violating competition laws because of the Microsoft's bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows.
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It's not about the market share
by johnnysaucepn on Sat 17th Jan 2009 17:21 UTC
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The point continues to be missed, it appears. The issue is not that an OS shouldn't be allowed to offer a web browser application, the problem is that MS have used their 'default' monopoly as a way to enforce their own technologies on the web, restricting development of the web via agreed standards.

Standards are agreed, MS ignores them, no-one can use them, developers are forced to conform to MS technology instead, further fragmenting the web audience and tying users (home ones specifically) to using Windows machines for out-of-the-box browsing instead.

The difference with Apple/Safari is that Safari has so far been committed to open standards. Firefox advocates have also managed to push their way in by campaigning at their own expense, but they shouldn't have had to.

Regardless of whether a browser is provided for free or purchased, they all still depend on financial support garnered from active users in order to survive.

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