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KDE The KDE project has released the first release candidate for KDE 4.2. "The KDE Community today announced the immediate availability of "Cilense", (a.k.a. KDE 4.2 Release Candidate), the only planned release candidate for the KDE 4.2 desktop. Cilense is aimed at testers and reviewers. It should provide a solid ground to report last-minute bugs that need to be tackled before KDE 4.2.0 is released. Reviewers can use this release candidate to get a first look at the upcoming KDE 4.2 desktop which provides significant improvements all over the desktop and applications. It is not recommended for everyday use, however."
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RE[2]: Comment by Jason Bourne
by Jason Bourne on Sun 18th Jan 2009 00:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Jason Bourne"
Jason Bourne
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Hi Setec. My previous post has been removed by *the-site-wannabe-owner*. I didn't mean to be that mean with that expression. I tried to translate that expression but what I wanted to say is about fanboys who won't accept *whatever-they-use* failures.

Sorry if I did not respond that thread, I did not have time to go through it. My comment about KDE 4 not shipped as default is no way indication that I imply a feeling of discomfort between Volkerding and KDE. Anyone is smart enough to know that he wouldn't do such a thing after dropping the entire GNOME desktop, he would have no one to go after that?

The UI between Windows 95 all the way through Windows Server 2008 did not change. This is what I am saying here. Although these two operating systems are completely different, they did not hammer the user with new learning curve in each release. You have seen 95 dawn, 98, ME, 2000, the merging technologies born as XP and until today the most used and widespread operating system around. What I am saying is that a project like KDE or GNOME should consider these things. Why change the whole concept of a desktop, Vista is there to explain what everyone business is: No change. More productivity, and minimal changes.

If you admit that you feel the pain about power users being left out in KDE3 to KDE4 transition, then you just validate the criticisms around the web. It's not only me. And shame on GNOME for not eating KDE's lunch... Still can't lasso files in Nautilus in list view! Some of the stupidiest things still happening on GNOME, maybe because of a latent lazyness. KDE4 may recover... But for these two to overcome and become competitive against commercial OSes, it will take a hell of a time, making the same mistakes one after the other.

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