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Mono Project The Mono guys got their software to run on Nokia's upcoming 770 Linux internet appliance. More here and a screenshot here.
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A few data points
by Anonymous on Wed 21st Sep 2005 08:25 UTC
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I'm posting a few data points about the Mono port to the Nokia 770, hope people will find it useful in the middle of the troll posts. I'll also try to reply to some of the questions raised in a few posts.

1) The prototype Nokia 770 I used for the port arrived on Monday. It was sent to me by the nice folks at Nokia just a few days after I emailed them about the Mono port to ARM. So far they have been interested and supportive.
Whether this means Mono will be included by default in the future is anybody's guess. I'm pretty sure it won't be included in the first release, because it is due for public release shortly. And that is a question you'll have to ask Nokia, anyway.
A 2 MB tarball for a full-featured Mono+Gtk# framework is a quick download anyway:-)

2) The sample Gtk# apps I tested load pretty quickly, mostly on par with the other native apps included. This impressed me, since I was expective a slower startup.
We'll improve startup time even further, so I'm confident Gtk# apps will be perfectly usable on the Nokia 770. If we'll provide AOT support this will be even less of an issue.

3) As for the memory requirements: the version of mono included in the binaries tarball is the full-featured one. We have plans to remove some of the debug code and other stuff which is only ever useful for mono developers and reduce the size of some data structures to improve the memory footprint (the same changes will help mainstream mono usage, too). The point to take home is: the requirements are already reasonable, we'll be able to reduce them quite a bit without removing features and if needed we could also provide a compact version of Mono with reduced features, but so far, given the capabilities of the Nokia 770 I don't see a strict need for this.

4) Licensing: Mono is licensed under the LGPL, GPL and X11 licenses, depending on the parts (runtime, some compilers and tools, most of the assemblies, respectively).

5) Patents: the answer to the questions is in the Mono FAQ. People that ask repeatedly about them either can't read or can't understand and are completely ignorant of what patents are. Note the answers are the same you'd get from any free software project. Ask Red Hat about the Kodak patents on the JVM, ask the people writing the Linux kernel, ask any significant free software project. The only sane answer to patents is to:

a) work with the legislators so that sw patents are invalidated
b) don't look for patents because it's a waste of time until you're made aware of a possible infrigment by the patent holder
c) if that happens, workaround the patent in the code, use different techniques, prove the patent invalid with prior art etc and as a last resource, remove the infringing feature.

There is no patent waiver for any free or proprietary software, get over it.


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