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ReactOS The ReactOS project has seen some major progress during 2008. The project, which aims to create a Windows NT-compatible operating system, has published a 'year-in-review' article concerning 2008, detailing the various area of work. It provides some interesting insights into the project's development.
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Yes, but don't forget this project started by chasing Win95...

And then it was NT4...

So, by saying that they don't need to chase anything newer than XP or even W2K, you've already stated that their original target moved. The fact is, in 5-10 years time, everyone will be telling them they should be targetting Windows 7 ;)

The reason I said XP or Win 2K is because unlike Windows 95 (Which lasted less then 3 years) XP has been around for almost 10 years and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Windows 7 will not displace it because too many people like the look and feel of XP. So this is a good target to shoot for.

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