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Windows When we reviewed the Windows 7 beta, we did so on a standard desktop machine. However, the big thing in hardware right now is not the desktop, but the netbook segment. Since Microsoft claims that Windows 7 is geared towards netbooks, I decided to give the beta a go on my trusty Acer Aspire One. Read on for installation instructions if you don't own an external DVD drive, and a few very short first impressions.
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Er, nice to know
by quackalist on Mon 19th Jan 2009 00:30 UTC
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Not sure of the point of this article as knowing how to install Windows 7 on the Aspire One, or Any Other Netbook is all very well, even if tedious.

But, is it worth the bother can hardly, and wasn't, be answered by using such a heavily modified 'Aspire 1' that has little relevance to any Netbook your readers might have to hand.

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