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OSNews, Generic OSes The past week wasn't as packed with events and shows as the previous one, but luckily for us, that didn't mean there wasn't enough to report on. This week focussed on netbooks, Steve Jobs' health, and KDE/Qt. This week's My Take is a shameless plug for one of the best television shows we've seen in a while.
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by kill on Mon 19th Jan 2009 08:06 UTC
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I tried very hard to love this show when I was watching it in its first season. But I simply don't like it. I mean, the bridge's microphone is an inverted telephone from the 30s, the headphones are clearly mutilated computer headphones, the bridge's glass partitions keeps breaking on and on, they use paper maps on the bridge. I mean, I knew the ship's systems was not networked, but c'mon. Although Grace Park is stunning!

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