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Apple Speculation about Steve Jobs' health situation has been a hot topic for a while now, and Bloomberg is jumping on the bandwagon as well - but you have to wonder if there's a limit as to how far journalists should go in order to gain insight into Jobs' health. While his position as CEO of a large publicly traded company puts him on a pedestal, I do believe there are limits to the hight of this pedestal. Bloomberg grossly crossed the line in my book, and Jobs seems to agree with me. "Why don't you guys leave me alone?"
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RE: What Goes Around Comes Around
by akrosdbay on Mon 19th Jan 2009 18:45 UTC in reply to "What Goes Around Comes Around"
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Sadly, Apple are one of the most paranoid and secretive companies around who are more than willing to try anything to cork the genie back in after it has long since escaped. That comes from the top down.

The vast majority of normal people and companies would have made an announcement of what really is going on "Yes, I have cancer", all this speculation would never have happened, everyone would have been extremely supportive and that might actually make the difference.

Why the paranoia about secrecy Steve and Apple? Really, you're not that special, thousands of people learn that they have cancer or a serious illness every day, they can't afford the treatments that are open to you, you're in the public eye and you decided to be head of a company where you are perceived to be the most important person in it. When there is that much pressure, that much at stake and seemingly much to be made from any solid breaking news then yes, people are going to try and contact people in the know directly. Whether people perceive that to be morally wrong is neither here nor there really.

Seriously. Grow up Steve.

Did it ever occur to you that Jobs and his doctors don't really know what is wrong with him?

They first claimed hormone imbalance and that he would be OK, then immediately made a statement that things are worse than they had thought. Why would Jobs make two contrary announcements within a few weeks of each other? Seems like they are being as open as they can be.

Oh the amount of media hype and speculation and the three articles on the home page of OSNews proves that Apple/Jobs are very special. If they weren't no one would care.

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