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Opera Software Last week, news got out that Microsoft had been charged with breaking competition laws by the European Commission. The EU stated that Microsoft has broken competition laws because it bundles its Internet Explorer browser with Windows, which gives the browser an unfair advantage over competing browsers such as Firefox and Opera. OSNews readers debated this topic lively, and it seems we can use this story to continue the discussion: Opera Software's CEO Jon von Tetzchner joined in on the fun.
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by steampoweredlawn on Mon 19th Jan 2009 22:59 UTC in reply to "BS"
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I would agree with you if IE were completely removable and replaceable. That it is not is more the issue than the fact that it's bundled.

Browsers like Firefox/Iceweasel, Chromium, Safari, Opera, Konqueror and others are all stand-alone products upon which the OS and/or desktop environment has no dependance. Internet Explorer is difficult to remove, and several Windows components and other applications rely on it being there. You cannot remove IE without causing massive headaches. Even in KDE you can remove Konqueror and replace it with Dolphin and Firefox with minimal trouble should you wish.

Unchecking IE in add/remove programs does not actually uninstall the program, it simply hides the icons. If you "uninstall" IE then go to start -> run -> iexplore, you'll get Google in IE.

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