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Editorial There's been a lot of talk lately about the imminent demise of the print media. With the economy in the toilet, subscriber bases shrinking, advertising rates declining, and demographic shift moving many publications' readers ever-older with no younger readers to replace them, it's looking grim. Some cities will be losing their only daily newspaper. Even the New York Times is in danger of going bankrupt. Even with advertising rates putting pressure on net-based publications, online publishing is here to stay. Is there room in this world for printed tech publications?
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For Your Consideration
by Michael on Mon 19th Jan 2009 23:43 UTC
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What I'll miss about the old publications is their isolation. A single journalist would write a long article on his own and it would be published in solitary glory. The thinking of one man presented for your consideration. Maybe in a month, there'll be one or two letters on the subject of sufficient quality to print. Or maybe not.

These days every article is linked to half a dozen other articles about the same thing. And at the end you get endless, witless comments from dumb bastards like me, who pick the article apart or just shout their own tangential passions.

And then there's advertising. At least with magazines, adverts don't appear magically from the very words of the article. At least they weren't animated.

Navigation of a magazine was good too. You didn't need to surround every article with information about what else the magazine had to offer, because the reader had the very pages in his hands. You knew there was other stuff in there and you knew how to find it.

Oh, and magazines had better graphics.

Yes, there's a lot to be said for the old media when you think about it.

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