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In the News Those up top (the Presidential Inaugural Committee) chose to utilize Microsoft's Silverlight technology to stream the upcoming inaugural events for the new president of the United States. Though Microsoft certainly likes this idea, this leaves out thousands of people in the US and elsewhere who still cannot run Silverlight or an open source alternative on their systems from viewing the streamed video online. Update by Thom: Linux and PowerPC Mac fans rejoice, as they can watch the inauguration as well using Moonlight. Migel De Icaza wrote: "Microsoft worked late last night to get us access to the code that will be used during the inauguration so we could test it with Moonlight." Microsoft and the Moonlight team fixed this issue in one afternoon, so it might be a little rough.
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RE: Soooo ....
by Moulinneuf on Tue 20th Jan 2009 07:13 UTC in reply to "Soooo ...."
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Everything else , support more platform , then Silverlight. Microsoft don't even support most of it's browser and software that run on it's platform with it.

I find your comment in line with Microsoft astroturfer usual talking points , wait your one , so off course your going to say the same thing.

Blaming other OS for Microsoft incompetence , failures and lack of porting it's own broken software on other OS. Most GNU/Linux software work on Windows and other OS , the same cannot be said about almost everything Microsoft.

It's funny when one listen to one of you , how a lack of internet ( due in part with Microsoft failling networking ) and a lack of knowledge about a new platform get's turned in lack of tools needed for her class , no point in debating that other people and entire school use GNU/Linux without any problem with someone like you.

Nobody is getting you wrong and nobody is bitching , we are making a valid point that Microsoft lack of compatibility and of working software will leave out many people in this case.

You know anti-windows campaign are made by disgruntled ex-windows user's and they are honest , no anti windows campaign as been proven dishonest , but the reverse anti-GNU/Linux campaign have been removed because they where dishonest.

For compatibility reason you don't use Microsoft only solution. Unless your a Microsoft astroturfer lying about reality. You use the software and open standard that everyone support including Microsoft.

Your not trolling your astroturfing and lying.

Don't worry , you can have this one website we will get all the others.

If it's like every other time silverlight will crash during the high demand.

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