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In the News Those up top (the Presidential Inaugural Committee) chose to utilize Microsoft's Silverlight technology to stream the upcoming inaugural events for the new president of the United States. Though Microsoft certainly likes this idea, this leaves out thousands of people in the US and elsewhere who still cannot run Silverlight or an open source alternative on their systems from viewing the streamed video online. Update by Thom: Linux and PowerPC Mac fans rejoice, as they can watch the inauguration as well using Moonlight. Migel De Icaza wrote: "Microsoft worked late last night to get us access to the code that will be used during the inauguration so we could test it with Moonlight." Microsoft and the Moonlight team fixed this issue in one afternoon, so it might be a little rough.
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Well, this girl is exactly that; not a mechanic. She doesn't give a damn what kind of engine the car is running on. She wants to use word, windows programs and internet explorer and that's it. Most users aren't interested in what a OS is and they're right; they have different priorities.

I'm not a mechanic either, but if I need to tighten a screw I take the time to learn I need a screwdriver instead of going straight to TV when the shop assistant sells me a B&D drill.

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