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ReactOS The ReactOS project has seen some major progress during 2008. The project, which aims to create a Windows NT-compatible operating system, has published a 'year-in-review' article concerning 2008, detailing the various area of work. It provides some interesting insights into the project's development.
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They need more developers.
by Mystif on Tue 20th Jan 2009 16:11 UTC
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It is too bad that they do not have more people involved in the project.

If more people who wished that Windows was different would work on ReactOS rather than moving to Linux it would probably move a little faster.

I do not mean this in a "people shouldn't use Linux" kind of way. Linux is great for a lot of things, and because ReactOS is not more mature I am going to try to shift some of the PCs where I work towards Linux. It is just that moving to Linux will cost me time spent retraining users on a new OS and on using new software. I can cheat, to a limited degree, by introducing software like OpenOffice now and the new OS later, but I will still need to introduce the users to each of these things, be it now or later.

I wish ReactOS was more mature. It would be nice to breath new life into older machines with an OS that users do not need to learn.

It would be nice to avoid Windows 7 without looking for software to replace "this" and without retraining people to do "that" instead of "this."

The best example I have is Great Plains.

How do I move all of my users and data from Great Plains on Windows to some alternative on Linux... painlessly?

On the otherhand, if I could just run the Great Plains client on ReactOS it would solve SO MANY of the issues I will be facing in the future - no retraining, for one example, reduced costs for another.

I do not have the skills needed to help develop an OS so I am going to continue to keep an eye on ReactOS and hope. (That and not so little things like rewrite all of our VBA based Excel Spreadsheets as OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheets instead.)

I should probably mention, as well, that if, in the long run, Windows 7 turns out to be the best tool for the job I will likely deploy it. But because it is based on Vista and Vista does not work in our environment I do not see it as a viable upgrade, at this time. No hard feelings, I just do not see the point in trying to use a screwdriver when I require a wrench to do the job.

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