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Editorial There's been a lot of talk lately about the imminent demise of the print media. With the economy in the toilet, subscriber bases shrinking, advertising rates declining, and demographic shift moving many publications' readers ever-older with no younger readers to replace them, it's looking grim. Some cities will be losing their only daily newspaper. Even the New York Times is in danger of going bankrupt. Even with advertising rates putting pressure on net-based publications, online publishing is here to stay. Is there room in this world for printed tech publications?
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Quality is always worth paying for
by dagw on Tue 20th Jan 2009 17:50 UTC
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Magazines and newspapers is still where the quality is. I read a fair number of blogs and other online news sources and I've yet to see anything which comes even close to matching the quality of the better articles in for example the Economist or the Financial Times. The quality of the writing and the level of journalism is atrocious on far too many blogs.

That is not to say all print is better than all online sources, far from it. There are far too many magazines and newspapers out there that are shit. They will and should go bankrupt. I hope there is a special place in hell for people who publish magazines who's articles consist of little more then press releases and advertising copy from their advertisers.

Still I actually find myself buying and reading more magazines and newspapers today than I did 3-4 years ago. The meteoric rise of blogs and similar sites has demonstrated very clearly how hard truly great journalistic writing is and how few are really good at it. I for one am more than happy to pay the few people who still know how to write really well.

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