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Editorial There's been a lot of talk lately about the imminent demise of the print media. With the economy in the toilet, subscriber bases shrinking, advertising rates declining, and demographic shift moving many publications' readers ever-older with no younger readers to replace them, it's looking grim. Some cities will be losing their only daily newspaper. Even the New York Times is in danger of going bankrupt. Even with advertising rates putting pressure on net-based publications, online publishing is here to stay. Is there room in this world for printed tech publications?
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by Novan_Leon on Tue 20th Jan 2009 20:05 UTC
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I say good riddance. Modern print media isn't succeeding precisely because it isn't providing what people want. Let it die a natural death and let something else fill the void, that's how society evolves.

Pretty much all print media projects a liberal point of view anyhow. People can't relate, therefore they don't buy. Provide something fresh and more ideologically balanced and you might have a chance.

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