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Windows The future of Windows is clearly Windows 7. But what if you could get a smaller footprint, way better battery life than Vista or XP (think days, not hours), and everything else your little heart desires already? You can, and even better, you have been able to for a while.
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EULA Violation
by cushioncritter on Wed 21st Jan 2009 10:29 UTC
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The XP Embedded EULA clearly specifies it is never to be used as a desktop system, so it would be impossible to get this legally licensed through an authorized reseller at any cost. (Perhaps the EULA also forbids me to even speak of this product).

With Embedded, one cannot install MS Office, although works well. Expect to spend a few days doing the "componentized build" where the components are determined by trial and mostly error, using a SQL database, it is probably faster and easier to build a Linux distro. from source.

It's funny to see a "real world" deployment of XP Embedded on "old hardware": to get maximum compatibility, one adds all the components of XP, and it runs just as slowly. As time goes on, the code base will continue to get fixes from the common Vista/XP/7 tree and will like all MS products eventually fail to run on hardware it once ran on, despite MS's "guarantee" of 10 year support for embedded.

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