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Legal Remember when Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, and held it up in the air, proudly proclaiming "Boy, have we patented it", followed by a massive applause of the adoring audience? It may seem like this wasn't just an empty claim, either. During the earnings conference call yesterday, the company hinted at possible legal action against Palm were the Pre to infringe on iPhone patents.
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RE[5]: This just goes to show
by Adurbe on Thu 22nd Jan 2009 15:05 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: This just goes to show"
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"the manner in which you pinch (or un-pinch?) on the screen for example, as far as im aware, that was not used in the same way before. Do you have an example where it has been?
So... If pinching can be patented... Does that mean I can patent moving my mouse to the "left" to move my "pointer" to the "left" of the "screen"? I don't see a difference really. "

the mouse has become ubiquitous BUT dont forget someone DID invent the 'move mouse right, pointer moves right' functionality. The inventor (in my opinion) should have the right to protect that invention and the r+d invested into its creation (this is primarily served by patents and copyright)

Remember that with all patents, if you can prove prior art then that patent becomes void

if you can find an example where "apple's pinch" was used before (as described in the patent) please publish it

Macworld previously had a feature on apple taking advantage of this patent 'way back' in 2007

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