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Fedora Core The latest Fedora development snapshot makes Ext4 the default file system and adds experimental support for the next generation btrfs filesystem. "According to current plans, version 11 of Fedora, which is expected to arrive in late May, will use Ext4 as its standard file system. That's what the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) recently decided, following a heated discussion in an IRC meeting. If however Ext3's successor encounters big problems with the pre-release versions of Fedora 11, the developers will dump that plan and revert to Ext3."
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RE[3]: bleeding edge
by zlynx on Thu 22nd Jan 2009 21:00 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: bleeding edge"
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Yes it matters.

I have been using Reiser4 on my laptop for years now. It's performance has been much better than Reiser3 or EXT3.

Improved disk layout via delayed allocations and the like mean that a seek-challenged drive like a laptop's can write new files to disk much more quickly.

Improved directory indexing means that email files in very large maildir stores (like what Evolution uses for IMAP cache) can be accessed very quickly. This also improves speed for GIT operations.

In my case, Reiser4's full data journaling has helped a lot when -mm series kernels go bad and I have to force power off to get the laptop back. I never ended with screwed up email directories with Reiser4.

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