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Legal Remember when Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, and held it up in the air, proudly proclaiming "Boy, have we patented it", followed by a massive applause of the adoring audience? It may seem like this wasn't just an empty claim, either. During the earnings conference call yesterday, the company hinted at possible legal action against Palm were the Pre to infringe on iPhone patents.
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RE[4]: This just goes to show
by tupp on Thu 22nd Jan 2009 22:19 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: This just goes to show"
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the manner in which you pinch (or un-pinch?) on the screen for example, as far as im aware, that was not used in the same way before. Do you have an example where it has been?

Here is a history of multi-touch:

Please see the last entry for the year 1991, "Digital Desk." The second paragraph reads, "Clearly demonstrated multi-touch concepts such as two finger scaling and translation of graphical objects, using either a pinching gesture or a finger from each hand, for example."

The Digital Desk pinching gesture preceded the Iphone by over 15 years.

By the way, note two entries down the "Simon" touch phone.

Also, to get a sense of multi-touch history, note that the first multi-touch system was the "Flexible Machine Interface" of 1982 (two years before the first Mac).

In addition, watch Jeff Han scale items on his multi-touch display at this February, 2006 Ted presentation:

The first scaling pinch occurs at 02:46, and he specifically mentions scaling with two fingers on a hand at 03:06. This is almost one full year before the Iphone.

Furthermore, multi-touch on handheld devices is obvious and was not invented by Apple. Here is an article regarding a Nintendo multi-touch patent that was granted on February 2, 2006 (again, almost one year prior to the Iphone):

Patents for multi-touch gestures (by Apple and others) are ridiculous, as the of advantage most of these interactions became obvious very early in the development of multi-touch systems.

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