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Legal Remember when Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, and held it up in the air, proudly proclaiming "Boy, have we patented it", followed by a massive applause of the adoring audience? It may seem like this wasn't just an empty claim, either. During the earnings conference call yesterday, the company hinted at possible legal action against Palm were the Pre to infringe on iPhone patents.
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by kaiwai on Thu 22nd Jan 2009 23:34 UTC
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Every time I see an article like this (be it from Microsoft, Apple or some other organisation) I can't help by fell a little Stallman'ish when it comes to these matters.

I don't want to make this post political but my respect (in regards to their great products) for Apple is slowly waning the more they go down this road of undertaking the kind of actions reminiscent of patent trolls. There is a fine line between protection of ideas from being pillaged by another company and just plain well using the legal system to crush competition.

If they are going to chase after the Pre, shouldn't they also chase after the new Blackberry Storm, and every other one out there. There is only a limited way one can navigate a touch device, to some how make claim that iPhone is any more unique to the numerous other touch interfaces out there ignores the reality of the computing world.

Like I said, my support for Apple is seriously waning at the moment; if they keep this up I might end up looking for something else instead of a Mac next time I upgrade. Ones computers purchases shouldn't be politically motivated but at the same time I can't but face the reality that Apple is becoming drunk on their own success to the point that they think they can do anything they like because of their size and bank balance. Ethics and morals are something that shouldn't be ignored simply because they aren't enshrined in law or enforced by the government.

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