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Microsoft After much, much, much speculation, Microsoft let the cat out of the bag today: due to weak results, Microsoft is going to cut 5000 jobs. Those 5000 jobs will disappear over the course of 18 months, with 1400 jobs being cut immediately. Quarterly results, as well as the cost-cutting measures, were made known in a press release today.
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There is nothing wrong with Unions protecting workers from unfairness

What's wrong is your lack of knowledge about union. But your knowledge of the lies put against them.

Unions do however get in the way of business realities

Not in reality. There are more non unionized company that close , everyday , then unionized ones. Unionized company closing are a rarity , in fact. But they got well funded PR machine and extremely well funded lobby working against them , who tell lies.

They also protect the useless POS workers who should get fired.

No they don't , In reality unions push for POS worker to get fired , often more then not , the POS are relatives with someone backing them in management or they are specialist that would cost more to replace as those POS accept to work at 25%-50% what there replacement would cost , again it's management who refuse to fire them.

Also as I pointed out most people who call other's POS have no idea of what the other productivity or speciality to be. Beside humans do get sick , we are not machines. It usually cost 15k to retrain someone new and take 3-6 month to have them work at full capacity and most of the time the replacement is even worst then the so called POS they replaced.

It gives me more work and less pay for it.

Since when are union in charge of hiring , schedules , work load and pay ?

1. If someone call in sick it's your managers job to replace him. With a temp or by hiring part time or full time.

2. The schedules for worker are made by management.

3. Since when union tell you what to do and do more ? If you accept to replace another worker and do is job without compensation it was your decision.

4. Union are not the one who decide what management or the company pay it's employee's , for x job.

Company always close and people loose there jobs because the management decided to do so.

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