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Linux Ever year, Linus Torvalds goes on vacation to Australia, during which he usually also visits During his stay this year he gave an interview to ComputerWorld, in which he talked about the success of point releases and the important topic of file systems in Linux, which is quite an active field today with ext4 and Btrfs. He also gave some insights into why he switched away from KDE, moving to GNOME instead, and he shares his thoughts on Windows 7.
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Considering what a shitstorm Linus started when he publicly blasted Gnome and hailed KDE, I'm not surprised it's all that was taken away by many. It probably pisses both camps off, really, and those outside either camp are probably wondering why the *freaking creator of linux* couldn't handle the upgrade or handle blacklisting the KDE updates he obviosly didn't want. This is what most of us who feel the same way he does did. Even more probably wonder why the hell he uses fedora at all if he really wants total control over his own system.

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