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Mono Project The Mono Project releases version 2.2 this week with full support for SIMD extensions being one of the more interesting features (Betanews article). The extension allows SIMD code to be accelerated above and beyond the speed of past Mono and current .NET releases. Johnathan Allen from InfoQ impresses the significance of the latest Mono release in a blog entry. "It represents something bigger; Mono is outgrowing the standard. Mono is not just playing catch-up any more, it is trying to move past the CLR in many areas. And as an open source project, they can slip in new libraries at a much faster clip than Microsoft. Instead of trying to build everything themselves, they can simply pick up mature projects like Mono. Options or the collection library C5 and include them in the standard release."
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RE: Great, but
by miguel on Sat 24th Jan 2009 19:57 UTC in reply to "Great, but"
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And Mono isn't exactly the kind of thing that is ported/portable everywhere yet...
And I just had a look at the deps for Moonlight... eh.

It has wide operating system support: Linux, Windows, BSD, Solaris.

It has wide architecture support: x86, x86-64, PPC, PPC64, SPARC, s390, s390x, Itanium, ARM and MIPS.

It runs on various interesting devices like the Wii, the PS3, the iPhone and Android and the Sansa Connect MP3 player.

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