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Linux Ever year, Linus Torvalds goes on vacation to Australia, during which he usually also visits During his stay this year he gave an interview to ComputerWorld, in which he talked about the success of point releases and the important topic of file systems in Linux, which is quite an active field today with ext4 and Btrfs. He also gave some insights into why he switched away from KDE, moving to GNOME instead, and he shares his thoughts on Windows 7.
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Comment by michi
by michi on Sun 25th Jan 2009 09:53 UTC
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KDE 4.0 certainly was not good enough for most users. I think it was a mistake calling it KDE 4.0. Maybe it should have been called KDE Technical Preview or something like that. But I certainly think it was a good idea to release it. I think release early and release often is definitely a strength of the open source model.

I am using KDE 4.2 as my desktop for quite some while now and for me KDE 4.2 is the best Linux desktop I ever used. KWin always was my preferred Window Manager and I think KWin in KDE 4 is the best window manager out there. In my opinion Oxygen and Plasma look beautiful and professional. Many of the KDE 4 applications improved over the KDE 3 versions and KDE 4 adds some great new applications like Dolphin (well, there was a KDE 3 version, I know), Okular and Marble.

But the most important thing is, that, as a developer, I think KDE 4 is exciting. Qt4/KDE4 provide a rich framework to write applications, the APIs are nice, there is plenty of documentation. With QtCreator, there is also a quite nice IDE to learn to code with Qt. I think KDE 4 has a very bright future and in a couple of years noone will complain about the rough start anymore, but people will enjoy the best desktop environment out there.

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