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Hardware, Embedded Systems The Georgia Electronic Design Center recently produced a working wireless chip that transmits data at 60 GHz signals. Scientists at the center achieved speeds of 15Gbps at a distance of one meter, 10 Gbps at two meters, and 5 Gbps at five meters-- and if those aren't blazing speeds even for a relatively small area, then I'm Mickey Mouse. The applications for the 60 GHz chip are endless for both consumer and IT markets, to add to our already vastly wireless lives. The ISO standard will be published later this year, and this new technology is predicted to be on the market in just a few years afterwards.
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RE: They forgot....
by bn-7bc on Mon 26th Jan 2009 11:43 UTC in reply to "They forgot...."
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They forgot to mention that if you stand in front of the line-of-sight path it will cook you from the inside out. Also if you need to microwave some food, just turn on the chip, and run outside the house, when you think it's finished, pull the house breaker and go inside and see if you want your food rare, medium, or well :p

Not exactly, a microwave oven uses 500W-2000W these device will probably be <5W. So there will be no chance of being cooked.
I'm not an engineer so any corrections will be appreciated

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