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Internet Explorer IE8 has emerged from beta, with the arrival of its first release candidate. The IE development team now considers the browser platform- and feature-complete, but won't say how long untill it goes gold. got an early look and has posted a full review of Internet Explorer 8 RC1. The release candidate differs only slightly from beta 2, most notably in its InPrivate browsing feature, compatibility view, and improved performance. The browser has also been made more secure, and it gives users convenient new ways to use web resources. IE8's color-coded tab system, improved address bar, and enhanced privacy protections are noteworthy.
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RE[3]: so far so good
by Beta on Tue 27th Jan 2009 01:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: so far so good"
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Acid2 is the important one, 3 really hasnt come into play enough to worry about yet...

I beg to differ.
Every browser rendering engine does better than 71/100 on Acid3 now (looking at stable releases)

IE gets 21/100.

Acid3 is very important in showing that however many improvements they’ve put in compared to IE 6&7, it still has a long way to go to reach parity.

Yes, Web developers can finally use a fuller range of CSS selectors on sites, and have fewer bugs to contend with. But beyond that, there is nothing* like SVG, Canvas, Video etc.

IE8 is going to hold us back for years.

*Shims exist. They are hacks.

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