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Editorial With Windows 7 having made its grand debut, and with KDE4's vision making leaps and bounds forward with every release, we have two major software projects that have decided to implement some fairly drastic interface changes. Such changes are bound to receive some harsh criticisms - but the funny thing is, these criticisms usually come from people you least expect it from.
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Aversion to Change
by Yagami on Tue 27th Jan 2009 14:58 UTC
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with "aversion to change" you said it all. well spotted.

i myself , like to test and experience visions of workspaces and work ways.

there are good ideas everywhere. i just stick where i think the post positive ideas are.

i still think that the way i mostly like to work is enlightenment dr16. i was a gnome 0.x and 1.x user , then switch to kde 2x and 3 and 4.

i dont really have any complaints about kde3 ( just lack of compositing i guess ), and i still love my screenshots of those.
anyway i tried kde 4.x and liked it alot. loved it is what is it is.

there are still things i dont like ( lack of multi desktops like enlightenment ) but the potential is realllllllly huge.

by the way i am using kde 4.2 final in opensuse, and still havent found a crash since kde 4.2 rc1.

i even have a nice workflow in vista. and of course i will try windows 7.

i just dunno about gnome , dont really like it at all. not wanting to create flames, but it just seems there is nothing there new , innovative.

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