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Editorial With Windows 7 having made its grand debut, and with KDE4's vision making leaps and bounds forward with every release, we have two major software projects that have decided to implement some fairly drastic interface changes. Such changes are bound to receive some harsh criticisms - but the funny thing is, these criticisms usually come from people you least expect it from.
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sure there are alot of distribution hops in linux users.

but there are alot or most linux users that swear to a single linux distro. and use it through years, even when read or hear that others are better in some reviews.

kde4.2 dont have any usuability problem for me, but i dont have a second monitor, so i dont know.

but then again, i must and old linux user, since most of the time i used linux , it was hard to make even my primary monitor work, let alone a secondary. ( i am talking linux / X , regardless of desktop environment ).

but what basic features are missing ? what is considered basic features ? are are usuability issues and HIG studies ? at least kde 4.2 allows to completly hide the panel. there , gnome sucks kde rulez. ( being overly exagerated )

i guess the point from thom can be that : it depends on the users. some have issues with it , some not.

you have , i dont ! i dont have stock money in kde , so i dont need to defend it or be forgiving.

example : millions of people use windows. i still dunno how people manage to have a desktop without virtual desktops. same goes to osX before in earth would anyone claim osX had a good desktop without virtual desktops is beyong me.

since kde4 i have become addicted to activities. until another desktop implements activities, all but kde4 have usuability issues ;)

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