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Apple In a possible legal showdown over multitouch patents between Apple and Palm, the Cupertino gadget maker has just looted a decent weapon off the dead body that is the US patent system: a patent on just about all multitouch gestures used in the iPhone and iPod Touch, such as swiping, pinching, and so on. Wielding this weapon, Apple suddenly has a pretty good case against Palm.
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RE: Grrrrr
by mrnagrom on Tue 27th Jan 2009 16:31 UTC in reply to "Grrrrr"
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honestly, if you paid a bunch of money to buy a company that developed a revolutionary product then included its technology into your revolutionary product, i'd find it hard to believe that you would be totally fine with everybody else copying what you did and diluting the wow factor of your product...

i'm all for apple suing the shit out of companies who make half assed versions of their products...

and yes. i have a mac pro, 2 macbooks and an iphone.

if you want a shit product and half ass technology, hop on the linux bandwagon.

i used to be the biggest apple hater till well ..i bought one.

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