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Editorial With Windows 7 having made its grand debut, and with KDE4's vision making leaps and bounds forward with every release, we have two major software projects that have decided to implement some fairly drastic interface changes. Such changes are bound to receive some harsh criticisms - but the funny thing is, these criticisms usually come from people you least expect it from.
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RE: Aack!!
by Soulbender on Tue 27th Jan 2009 16:32 UTC in reply to "Aack!!"
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So 4.0, which was a radical departure missing at least (AT LEAST) 75% of the features of KDE3, when it came out, it wasn't well received (with good reason).

Sure, being a moron is a reason, just not a very acceptable one. Seriously, how could anyone have missed that 4.0 was not for the end-user? It was said goddamn everywhere.
If you, as an end-user, is disappointed bring it up with your distro. This whole "the end-users were disappointed" is nonsense.
End-users don't go to, download the sources and build it themselves. End-users were not disappointed, people (often so-called "power users") who expected too much and ignored the warnings were disappointed.
If distros used it as their main desktop prematurely is not KDE's problem.

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