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KDE The release of KDE 4.0 was not a smooth one, and left a number of users a bit disgruntled. Still, the release showed so much potential that it was oozing out of every pixel. KDE 4.1 improved significantly in many areas of concern, but it wasn't yet ready for everyone. With today's release of KDE 4.2, the KDE4 vision is ready to face not only developers and enthusiasts, but every users. We have taken a look at the release candidate for KDE 4.2, and we have a short interview with KDE's Aaron Seigo.
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RE[4]: Great Release
by harryF on Tue 27th Jan 2009 22:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Great Release"
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If I realize an empty zip file and call it an OS today, I can't after 4 years or work go back and later say "had I not released that zip, I wouldn't be here today.

empty zip? Wow, did you even look at KDE4? The fantastic APIs and Services, the new possibilities with Qt4, features like Solid or Akonadi?

Yes, I'm sorry that end users didn't enjoy it as much as developers did. Then again, at a seminar for professionals, it would be strange to argue that the beginners didn't enjoy it.

KDE 4 gave me as a developer a big boost to play with the code and make KDE better. That, it achieved very well, and we wouldn't be at KDE 4.2 without the increase in development that KDE 4.0 brought with it.

So congratulations to a great KDE 4.2 release, and to all releases that made KDE 4.2 happen.

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