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Apple In a possible legal showdown over multitouch patents between Apple and Palm, the Cupertino gadget maker has just looted a decent weapon off the dead body that is the US patent system: a patent on just about all multitouch gestures used in the iPhone and iPod Touch, such as swiping, pinching, and so on. Wielding this weapon, Apple suddenly has a pretty good case against Palm.
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funny article placement
by pixel8r on Wed 28th Jan 2009 03:57 UTC
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I found it funny that this article is right above one that tells how to get multi-touch working on your Android phone. ;)

Simple Patents like this suck. So what if someone copied your great idea? If they did a better job, then isn't that worth merit?

With patents like these, no one would be able to create a better "mouse trap". And yet I thought patents were intended to help competition/innovation.

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