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Editorial With Windows 7 having made its grand debut, and with KDE4's vision making leaps and bounds forward with every release, we have two major software projects that have decided to implement some fairly drastic interface changes. Such changes are bound to receive some harsh criticisms - but the funny thing is, these criticisms usually come from people you least expect it from.
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I really like your coffee making analogy as I just had the exact experience in the last few days (when I stayed at my parents place). It sure requires a lot more effort to make coffee in another kitchen even though everything is there.

However, the situation with KDE4 is that you are not in someone's else kitchen -- you just got yourself a whole new kitchen. Even though you may need some extra effort at the beginning, you have the freedom to "remodel" the kitchen such that in the long run it will require less effort to make coffee compared to your old kitchen.

I, for one, love the new kitchen. I gave it a chance to optimize my coffee making routine, and it didn't disappoint. Meanwhile, Linus walked into a kitchen under construction, tripped himself, poured the coffee over his own head, and decided to become a tea drinker ;)

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