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BeOS & Derivatives Before the BeOS ever made it to x86, it had already spent some time on PowerPC, but the die-hard fans will know that BeOS was actually written and designed for a very different, short-lived processor: the AT&T Hobbit. While a PowerPC BeBox is already quite rare, the Hobbit BeBox was never sold, and only existed in the form of a number of prototypes. Imagine our surprise when we found out that Cameron Mac Millan, former Be employee, sold one of his two Hobbit BeBoxen on eBay a few days ago.
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He should have offered it to the Computer History Museum instead.

Do they pay well? Because, I assume, he sold it because the current econominc climate is in freefall. I expect the $1000 paid for his mortgage/car payment/kids schooling/utility bills for a month. I know that if I had owned it, I would have sold it. I sold my BeBox and it raised enough capital to replace my aging laptop with a MacBook (which I would *never* had afforded otherwise.) Something I'm sure I will burn in hell for, but well, I'm pretty glad I did all the same.

Sometimes, the picture is not as simple as first it seems.

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