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3D News, GL, DirectX Currently, NVIDIA is really missing out on the netbook market, which is dominated by all-Intel platform designs. NVIDIA has finally woken up to this reality, and the outspoken cofounder, president, and CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, has launched an all-out campaign to promote his company's Ion platform - and he isn't shy of flinging some poo to Intel and netbooks in general.
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RE: great!
by WorknMan on Thu 29th Jan 2009 16:56 UTC in reply to "great!"
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It would be absolutely great if it would hurt the software industry, although I doubt it. Why would it be great? Because it would force software developers to develop fast, efficient programs.

I was going to say the exact same thing, and it appears that this is already happening, as you see that MS is touting that Windows 7 can be run on Netbooks because it has better performance than Vista. Maybe we can get Adobe to rework the abomination that is called Acrobat Reader to be about as fast and light as Foxit Reader. And maybe we can finally kiss Java on the desktop goodbye, once and for all until/unless they can make it not suck so much.

(And I don't even want to know how iTunes runs on these things. Imagine if Apple made it as fast as Media Monkey!)

While this might indeed be a bad thing for software developers (who will actually have to learn how to develop fast and efficient apps), it's ultimately good for the end user ;)

Maybe we can do the same thing for game consoles - release a $20 8-bit machine, then game developers will have to learn to make something original like in the days of old, instead of pumping out the same shit that we all played last year with a better coat of paint.

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