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Legal There has been a bit of a buzz lately surrounding some indeterminate patent threats going back and forth between Apple and Palm. Palm is about to launch the Pre, which supposedly could infringe on a number of iPhone patents. Both companies have stated that they will defend themselves against any possible patent infringements. Engadget enlisted the help of two patent attornies, and they took a good look at both sides and came up with some interesting results: while Palm could be infringing on Apple's patents, Apple sure as water is also infringing on a number of Palm patents. Still, that doesn't have to mean anything.
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Long live WebOS. It reminds me of BeOS. :-)
by _yc_ on Thu 29th Jan 2009 23:36 UTC
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I like Palm's WebOS and hope they can amicably cross license patents with Apple. Although of the patents listed on Engadget, I think Apples' patents are stronger because they cover new, clever and unique multi-touch methodologies while Palm's patents cover menu layout/options and other Ambient lighting techniques that are used freely by many others today. I think Palm's patents would be easier to invalidate.

I am iPhone owner and I don't think the pre is a threat to the iPhone. WebOS is new, its API is not as mature as OS X and it does not have nearly the "ecosystem support" that the iPhone has etc... WebOS reminds of BeOS because of its fast multi-threaded bang wiz aspect. It reminds me of the legendary BeOS demos of the early 90's. I am sure Eugenia remembers the good old days. ;) I have always liked Palm and I wish them all the best with WebOS.

Time will tell.


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