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KDE The release of KDE 4.0 was not a smooth one, and left a number of users a bit disgruntled. Still, the release showed so much potential that it was oozing out of every pixel. KDE 4.1 improved significantly in many areas of concern, but it wasn't yet ready for everyone. With today's release of KDE 4.2, the KDE4 vision is ready to face not only developers and enthusiasts, but every users. We have taken a look at the release candidate for KDE 4.2, and we have a short interview with KDE's Aaron Seigo.
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by Daniel Borgmann on Fri 30th Jan 2009 10:10 UTC in reply to "RE: FLAME ON!"
Daniel Borgmann
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The version number 1.0 generally stands for "the first stable and feature-complete release". Changing this expectation for every following .0 release to the opposite seems extremely odd and counter-intuitive to me.

If you redo everything and don't have parallel stable/development release numbers, the only versioning scheme that makes sense to me is to give the whole thing a new name, possibly including a number. E.g. "KDE 4" version 0.1. Commercial projects often do that, and I don't see why not.

Nobody expects a .0 release to be flawless, but it definitely shouldn't be a beta version either.

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